Useful Information

Optional Extras

* Extended coverage of your wedding up to the first dance - €400


* Second photographer to cover the full day from groom's preparations to dinner bell - €350




* Extra pages in your album - €25 per double spread


* Personalised 6"x 4" Thank you cards, gloss finish with envelopes - €2.50 each


* 1 hour engagement shoot - €250

Booking information


A non-refundable booking fee of €400 is required to secure your booking.


Choosing the Digital only package:

The balance is due one month before your wedding date.


Choosing the Album or Box Set package:

Approximately 70% of the remaining balance is due one month before the wedding and the final balance is payable when placing your album order.




Frequently Asked Questions


Q - How long after the wedding will we recieve our photos and our album?

A - On average, I will have your photos uploaded and ready to view within two weeks of the wedding day. Your album design will follow soon after and once I have recieved your final go-ahead for the album layout, I will have it delivered directlt to you within three weeks.

Q - Do you work alone?

A - Yes. I am very comfortable working solo but I do offer the optional extra of a second shooter who comes at your request, typically to cover groom's preparations while I am with the bride, Following the wedding, I do all my own editing and album design.


Q - How many photos do you take on the day?

A - It depends on the details of the wedding and how much coverage you require, but on average, I take around 1,500 photos. This usually halves in the editing process however once I have removed duds, duplicates and photos with eyes closed etc and I usually end up giving between 500 and 800 unique photos.


Q - DO YOU edit all our photos?

A - Definitely! Some photos require more work than others and in general, I like to get it right in the camera, but every image that you recieve has been edited by me, even if it only needed a small tweek.


Q - DO YOU have back up equipment and insurance?

A - Yes. I am fully insured with professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance. I also bring along my bag of back-up cameras in case of technical problems on the day.


Q - What if something happens and you can't make it on the day?

A - I am lucky enough to be part of a wonderful group of Galway photographers, We have each other's back and in the exceptionally rare event that one of us cannot make it to a wedding, we step in for each other.


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