Relaxed, unobtrusive photography

My aim is to naturally record the expressions of love and commitment that you both share. I love to create authentic, meaningful images that reflect the true you; your unguarded moments, your natural emotions, all the cherished moments of your wedding day. As a result, my shooting style is quietly unobtrusive. On a wedding day, I don’t believe there's a need to shout or boss people around, if the day passes and the guests were unaware of my presence, I feel I’ve done a good job!

I like to arrive at a wedding and remain in the background to capture the moments as they unfold naturally, without my intervention, allowing me to tell your story in pictures.

My Experience

I am a fine art graduate and have been a wedding photographer in Galway for over twelve years. I am dedicated to giving you the best experience possible and photos you will treasure forever and be proud to pass on to future generations.

Your Love Story

Your wedding day will be filled with extraordinary moments, intimate, surprising and joyous and every time I am lucky enough to be asked to photograph a wedding I look forward to discovering what those moments will be; maybe a bride's father glancing wistfully and his daughter's communion photo framed on the wall, a bride's mother pinning granny's brooch inside her daughter's dress, the look on a bride's face when she hears the groom's name, the groom waiting at the top of the isle for his bride to arrive or the tears of happiness in a mother's eyes as the couple have their first kiss.

Those fleeting moments, captured creatively, are the timeless visual heirlooms that will instantly bring you back to the essence of your wedding day

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I am experienced dealing with many different lighting environments and situations. I’m committed to professional and timely response to your needs before and after the ceremony. All hallmarks of a seasoned professional and all assurances that every special moment of your wedding is flawlessly captured.

capture your love story…

I don’t think of you as a shot list. I take each wedding as it comes and shoot moments as they are happening without intruding or “setting up” moments that do not happen naturally. You will be "you" in front of my camera and your images will have the natural, authentic feel of true memories.

preserve your memories…